Pam’s Writing:

Poetry Chapbooks: Her Imaginary Museum, Held Together with Tape and Glue

Selected Plays: Paula 101, Route Finding, Rondo, Unhinged, The Ventriloquist, Rook and Marcella Test the Waters, The Prescient Dr. Primrose, The Robot Decision, and It’s not in the P-I (a living newspaper which Carter co-wrote),  But New Thoughts Appear in our Minds, A Few Things Remain, Nesting Ground

Selected Poems: in Barrow Street, Sunday Ink,  The Seattle Times, Broken Circles, The Seattle Star, Halcyon

Selected Short Short Stories: in Quick Fiction, 200 ccs, Cyclamens and Swords, 50-Word Stories

Selected Essays: Teaching Young Children, Recovering the Self 

Guides: Brace Yourself: with Lynn Grant, Celebrating Science with Families

Pam’s pages:

Playwright website

Amazon Author page

Seattle Star Author page


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