From readers:

“Thanks for helping immigrants.”

“It’s so fun.”

“This book was like my family and me.”

“I like this story …”

“Your story is very interesting for me.”

“I will read it again when I have free time.”

“I like so much this book.”

“I am excited that you make this book for us to study.”

“I saw a lot new words … I want to read the story again.”

“I hope you make another book like this one.”

” … very funny …”

“They’re charming & engaging & you made the simplicity a strength. I love the themes of building a family & filling a house, & all the soup!”

“I like The Old House on South Sixteenth Street. It shows great human values such as love, loyalty, compassion, and support of other people and different solutions to problems. I love Lionel in all moments he is helping others. He has a big heart. Ms. Kitty was always loyal in spite of being rude and impolite. I like Anita’s attitude. Although she has a many problems, she is always singing and smiling in her store. I dislike Naeem. He isn’t a good son, and he doesn’t help his Mom and Pop.”

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