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The Old House on South Sixteenth Street, Book 1: Joyce will lose her old house on South Sixteenth Street unless she finds more money. How will her old student, Lionel, save the day?

Tip, the Noisy Suit, and the Old House on South Sixteenth Street: Tip is in trouble. Will the folks on South Sixteenth Street be able to help?

The Happiest Woman on South Sixteenth Street: There are surprises for all in the Old House when Lionel goes on vacation. How will the friends manage?

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Each story in the American Holidays Collection follows an immigrant’s discovery of how and why we celebrate.

James and Barry Study Black History: James and Barry fight about who is African-American. Can they and their mothers bridge their differences and become friends in time to celebrate Martin Luther King Day together?

Mehdi’s Memorial Day Run: Mehdi’s morning run through the cemetery is different from usual. Why are American flags by many graves? What brings visitors here? Where does this big dog come from?

Rosa Maria’s Independence Day: Rosa Maria’s purse disappears during the 4th of July celebration. It is late at night. What will she and her little boy do without keys or money?

Vinh and Tram Enjoy Halloween: Vinh and Tram do not understand their new friends’ Halloween decorations. Are these people devil worshipers? Is their son safe around them?

Vlado and the Presidents: Why is the college parking lot empty? Why is the classroom locked? Why is the bank closed? Vlado hunts for answers and learns about Presidents’ Day.

Laila’s First Thanksgiving: Laila does her best to be a good Thanksgiving dinner guest. Will a bus accident stop her?

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You Can Find Everything at the Library: When Tess loses her job, she finds help at the library. What else will she find there?

The Next Step: Tess and Rick see each other a couple of times a week. Is she in love? Gloria says, “Love is a mystery.” Will she find love on the soccer field?

Three Friends: Will Rick and Tess get the wedding they want? Rick’s mother has ideas about the dress. Gloria has ideas about everything else. What could go wrong?

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