CC’s Interview Series: Pamela Hobart Carter (Writer, Poet, Playwright, Artist) February 2020

Thanks, Celaine!

Steps In Between

Pamela Hobart Carter 57603277-E90B-4B48-9E04-935ADFBFBFD1

Welcome to another CC’s Interview Series, where once again I am settled in my own city of Seattle. This time I am honored (and quite honestly, ecstatic) to be with writer and artist, Pamela Hobart Carter.

Pamela Hobart Carter and her sweet puppy IMG_20181212_145104

I was the luckiest of hopeful writers, back in 2017, when seated next to Pamela at the PNWA Awards Ceremony Dinner. A funny story she might not know, I had been sitting somewhere else, when an author I’d met earlier saw me off to the side. She insisted I move to the front and plopped me down at Pamela’s table. I call it divine intervention because after talking about poetry, among other various dinner conversations, we exchanged contacts and voila! Pamela reached out, we shared our work, and then she invited me to my first poetry reading. From there, we have continued supporting each other’s creative endeavors.

I cannot wait for you to hear…

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