Lezlie Jane’s Duwamish Peninsula Bronze Panels at the Alaska Junction Starbucks

To make this series of ten panels, Lezlie Jane first carved the images in clay, then she cast them in bronze. They decorate the exterior of the Starbucks at the Junction 47 building.

The scenes:

  • Fir Lodge/The Log House Museum, above, left.
  • Geographic Legacy/4.8 Miles of Beach
  • Duwamish/The First People/ DKH’ DUW”ABSH/Time immemorial
  • Old Mudhole/Colman Pool Lincoln Park
  • Alki Point/ 1868 Lighthouse
  • First Ferryboat/1888
  • Fauntleroy Creek/Longfellow Creek
  • City Views/Then and Now, above, middle.
  • Alaska Junction/1907, above, right.
  • Station 32/ Seattle Fire Department

The artist also paints and creates cast glass sculpture. Her website. Some of her cast glass work also decorates the Junction 47 building.

More about the artist.

What kind of art decorates the exterior of your buildings?

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  1. These are lovely panels, and so easy to miss! Thanks, Pam.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Agreed. They have a subtlety. I love the small details in each panel.


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