Why Flesch-Kincaid?

Why Flesch-Kincaid? We calculated the reading level of the No Talking Dogs Press books using Flesch-Kincaid for two main reasons. Most important, like our books, Flesch-Kincaid was designed for adults. Less important, we needed a well-known standard of measure. Flesch-Kincaid has a long history. It is familiar. Rudolph Flesch came up with tests for reading…

Why I Wrote Short Books in Easy English

Two students nodded with sad knowledge of physical abuse. They shared the term “restraining order” with their class. They had just read this passage in James and Barry Study Black History: Tears fill Mrs. Lewis’s eyes. Her hand touches her cut lip. “Please, call me Kayla,” she says. “A beautiful name,” Lera says. “I am…

Spokane Regional ESL Conference Presenters

At the Spokane Regional ESL Conference 28 February 2015, Arleen Williams and Pam Carter will present No Talking Dogs: Easy Literature for Adults. 10:15-11:00 a.m. Macdonald 13, Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute

1/28/2015-Arleen Williams Reading

Poetry and Storytelling C & P Coffee Company 5612 California Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98136 Wednesday, January 28, 2015 7:00 p.m. FREE

Buy an Easy-English book by Arleen and Pam

Thank you! We are so happy for your interest. Three titles will be available for purchase in February 2015: James and Barry Study Black History  Mehdi’s Memorial Day Run The Old House on South Sixteenth Street

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Soon, Arleen Williams and Pamela Hobart Carter will have some great stuff for you here.