Who Reads Short Books in Easy English?

Last week I sent my eighty-eight-year-old mother The Good Friends Series and The Old House Series. I wanted to show her what Arleen and I had been up to, and I thought the books might appeal. All her life, my mother has been a book worm, but now reading fat tomes is sadly out of the question. Her short term memory has become unreliable. She cannot track the plots, much less stay with a long page of dense print.

Our No Talking Dogs Press books are short enough I figured Mom could remember their plots. Her friend reads her an entire short book in a single sitting. They are short enough for that too.

This friend has volunteered for a city literacy program in recent years. They had had trouble finding books for adults learning to read. She said our books were exactly what they needed.

Arleen and I wrote with immigrants in mind. We wanted to offer adults learning English stories with adult characters and situations. We wanted to offer them stories we would enjoy reading ourselves (rather than a diet of text books). Wouldn’t it be cool if our books were also enjoyed by memory-challenged folk and adults learning to read?

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